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Where To Buy Bulk Ammo in Philadelphia, PA

If you’re looking for pistol ammunition, rifle ammo or reloading primers, Trifusion Tactical is a veteran owned manufacturer proving domestic products that you can buy online.

Nowadays you can search for pistol and rifle ammunition online. All you have to do is type “buy ammo Philadelphia” in Google and you’ll find lots of ammunition stores near Philadelphia. But instead of driving around Philly, you can visit TrifusionTactical.com when your ammo supply is running low so that you can skip the hassle of price shopping, and just have our low cost ammo shipped directly to you. 

Philadelphia Firearm Laws

In the United States, Philadelphia, PA is one of the few cities that has an “open-carry” firearm policy. This means that, as long as you have a firearm license, the law grants you the privilege to carry firearms on your regular holsters and belts. Aside from that, Philadelphia is also among the best places to be a seasoned firearm enthusiast.

What Does Philly, PA Offer For Shooters

You can find many good shooting ranges, firearm shops, and shows in this iconic city in the state of Pennsylvania. A quick search online would give you details about the Philadelphia Gun Show, which is held every month. You can also search for stores around the city.

Buy Ammo At A Local Firearm Shop

If you would rather shop locally for ammunition in Philadelphia, make sure that you have first completed all federal requirements before buying. As per the Gun Control Act of 1968, everyone who wants to purchase guns is required to follow the provisions of the law. Remember that most firearm shops will look up your license before entertaining you. With the ammo shortage it might make for a long day of shopping, but Trifusion has got you covered as a one stop ammo shop.


When will the ammo shortage end? Stay connected and we’ll keep you updated.

Local Shooting

Philadelphia, PA has a lot to offer the firearms enthusiast, from shops to ranges to events. Here are just a few to make note of.

Philadelphia Training Academy

If you search this shop’s product catalog, you will find the latest firearms, and they also have a shooting range where you can blow off some steam. You don’t have to go all over Philly because this store is located in Passyunk Square, a neighborhood connected to many of the city’s hottest attractions.

The Philly Gun Range

This indoor range has it all including 13 lanes which are 20 yards long. They allow you to fire most caliber of weapons inside their professional facility as long as you don’t visit their shop alone, bring a buddy. They offer educational safety courses and other classes for any level of shooter. Located at 542 N Percy St in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Delaware Valley Sports Center

You can get excellent service from this shop, and judging by their sales, you’ll agree that they are performing exceptionally well. They also have a shooting range within their shop, so you can fire your rounds after purchasing from them. They are located at 101 Geiger Road, Bustleton.

Delia’s Firearms

This is among the best stores with reasonable prices that you’ll find around the city of Philadelphia. Some of their ammo boxes even rival the prices you will find online. Their location is at 6104 Torresdale, Tacony.